Interviews with Moving Image Archivists

A while ago, we at Moving Image Archive News interviewed some folks in the world of moving image archiving, preservation, and restoration about what they do in their jobs, how they got involved in the field, and the like.

Over the next few weeks, you can see what they said, here on the site.

If you know anyone who might be interested in working in the field, these clips should be informative and hopefully inspiring. Or, perhaps you already work in the field and are interested in finding out about other people in your line of work.

So, here goes. Today, to get things rolling, here are three people with varied roles in the moving image world.

Hannah Palin is the moving image specialist at the University of Washington Libraries Special Collections. Here, she discusses challenges facing her and her colleagues in moving image archiving:

Reed Bovee, Reflex Technologies, Anchorage, Alaska, talks about how he came to be involved in film and video preservation and restoration:

Ted Langdell, the founder of Quad Videotape Group and the CEO of, talks about how he came to work in moving image preservation.

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