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Jason Curtis: A Librarian Who Collects Media Formats

posted May 25, 2018

After working with many media formats that disappeared from use, Jason Curtis decided to start collecting examples of those dodos of audiovisual and computer technology. Inevitably, collecting introduced him to more and more formats that he had never used, nor in many cases ever heard of, and he began gathering examples of those, too. Now he has examples of hundreds of media formats.

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Jack Shaheen’s Preservation of a Troubling Film Legacy

posted May 2, 2018

Hollywood and other branches of the American entertainment industry have frequently disparaged and abused Arabs, Muslims, and Americans of those ethnicities. Adverse depictions have long been so common as to be almost automatic. Those stereotypes are the study of a project at New York University based on an unusual collection: the archive donated by Jack G. Shaheen.

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