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RD Burman

The Music of Film, TV, Video Games, and More

posted January 22, 2016

Film on the radio – or now, on the information superhighway… There’s nothing quite like it. No matter how ardently composers of film scores profess that their work is designed to enhance and uplift the visual element of film, they are hardly likely to complain when their music is placed front and center. Here are web sites that do just that. MORE >>

beckett with film strip copy

2015 – It Wasn’t Too Bad a Year, At All

posted January 4, 2016

We hope you enjoyed coverage in Moving Image Archive News during 2015. Here’s a look back. MORE >>


How to Celebrate 120 Years of Cinema

posted December 31, 2015

In Durham, North Carolina, Tom Whiteside and the Durham Cinematheque celebrate the 120th anniversary of the day in 1895 when the Lumière brothers, Auguste and Louis, presented a program in Paris of a novel form of entertainment: motion pictures. Whiteside held a free, day-long film event on 28 December 2015 at the Durham Hotel, with some unusual features including a "petting zoo" of old cameras and projectors, and even a small exhibition of some postage stamps from around the world that have commemorated the Lumières. MORE >>


Apu Trilogy: Revived from Flames

posted December 28, 2015

Even at the time of Satjajit Ray’s death in 1992, aged 70, the films of the astonishing “Apu Trilogy” were in sad shape, to their maker’s great regret. The original prints had been so badly damaged that they had risked being thrown out. Their resurrection, now, in a 4K digital restoration, is a remarkable event in film restoration. MORE >>

jacobs_doctorsdream electronic arts imtermix

Ken Jacobs’s Dissected Doctor’s Dream

posted December 22, 2015

Ken Jacobs's life in film making got a boost from junk in a surplus store. In the 1970s, he found some dumped 16mm TV films in a shopfront on a rundown Canal Street in Manhattan that were going for $5 per reel. He made one into "The Doctor's Dream," which he is now restoring with a 2015 Avant-Garde Masters Grant. MORE >>

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25 Films Added to US National Film Registry

posted December 16, 2015

The Library of Congress has made its annual addition of 25 motion pictures to the National Film Registry of the Library of Congress, bringing the listing to 675 films dating from 1894 to 1997. The films named to the registry this year include Hollywood blockbusters, documentaries, silent movies, animation, shorts, independent and experimental motion pictures. They bring the number of films on the registry to 675, which certainly far from exhausts the potential for additions, because the Library’s moving-image collection runs to some 1.3 million items. MORE >>


Robert Altman’s Compelling Early Cornball, Preserved

posted December 16, 2015

The Northwest Chicago Film Society has restored, with a 2013 grant from the National Film Preservation Foundation, one of Robert Altman's apprentice films. "Corn's-A-Poppin," which Altman co-wrote in 1955, is one for the Altman completist. Get your local film society to book it, today! MORE >>


Owen Land’s Strange, Expansive Film World

posted November 15, 2015

By the time Owen Land died unexpectedly in 2011 at the age of 67, he had become a leading figure in American "structural film," film making whose films were about the nature of film making. Now Anthology Film Archives will preserve with an award from the recently announced round of Avant-Garde Masters Grants from The Film Foundation and the National Film Preservation Foundation. MORE >>

The Tacoma Narrows Bridge crumbles into Puget Sound on Nov. 7, 1940. The fifth-longest suspension bridge in the nation, the original structure know as 'Galloping Gertie' collapsed during a windstorm. It was rebuilt and completed in 1950. A reporter for the Tacoma News Tribune, James Bashford, shot the photo but credit was mistakenly given to a cameraman who shot a 16mm movie film, now a staple in engineering classes, of the unforgettable tumble. (AP Photo/The News Tribune, James Bashford) MANDATORY CREDIT  WATAC1


Disaster-Porn Shock Horror: Gertie the Galloping Bridge Really Just Lolloped

posted November 12, 2015

Now It Can Be Told: 75 years after the infamous collapse of "Galloping Gertie," the Tacoma Narrows Bridge in Washington State, USA, four physicists have donned moving-image-archivist hats to deduce that famous, much-viewed film footage of the dramatic failure was later greatly speeded up. MORE >>

Alamo Theatre, 2006. Courtesy of Melissa Dollman

Ongoing Greatness and What Brings You to Maine?

posted November 5, 2015

Moving-image archivist and researcher Melissa Dollman attended this year's Wunderkino, an event that Northeast Historic Film holds each year in the near-100-year-old venue, the Alamo Theatre in Bucksport, Maine, and reports on the pleasures of an intimate gathering of archivists, scholars, and artists devoted to the history, theory, and preservation of moving images. MORE >>