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Redress for A Giant of Costume Design

posted August 12, 2015

In the 1950s, Hollywood gave Orry-Kelly his due: three Oscars for costume design. Now he is being belatedly recognized in his native Australia with a biographical film, a major exhibit, and publication of his rediscovered (but never quite lost) memoir. MORE >>

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T-Model Hank Rides and Tucson Boys Sing

posted July 28, 2015

Thanks to a grant from the federally backed National Film Preservation Foundation, two films from Arizona are assured preservation: one about a T-Model Ford tour guide, the other about a Tucson choir for boys. They join films the NFPF supported last year, about Yaqui ceremonies and a grand church mission complex from the 18th century. MORE >>


Crumbling Movie Houses that Were Main Attractions

posted July 17, 2015

With his riveting images, photographer Matt Lambros seeks to preserve the magic, if not the bricks and mortar, of the shuttered cinema palaces of America. MORE >>

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Reopening the Eyes of the Totem

posted June 30, 2015

Tacoma, a port city in the Northwest of the United States, has not been well for its contributions to movie making, but a rediscovered 1927 silent by the later maker of "The Thin Man" series and other films shows that it deserves a place. MORE >>

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Keeping Frank and Caroline Mouris Animated

posted June 25, 2015

Three films that animator Frank Mouris prepared while a graduate student at Yale University’s School of Art and Architecture, and that are now in the possession of Yale’s Film Study Center, have just been guaranteed preservation through a grant from the National Film Preservation Foundation. MORE >>


Shirley Clarke’s Ornette – Redux

posted June 12, 2015

Sage counsel for anyone who wants to remember the sadly now-late giant of American music, Ornette Coleman, who died yesterday. MORE >>

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Fifty-Seven Films Guaranteed Survival

posted June 4, 2015

The National Film Preservation Foundation has announced awards to 57 films. The grants guarantee that the 32 institutions in 21 states that hold the films will be able to repair and preserve them through the creation of new negatives, film prints, and digital access copies. MORE >>

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A Scheme that Made Film Flourish Amidst Apartheid

posted May 17, 2015

A Cape Town production company is reviving a surprising flourishing of film-making featuring black actors and African languages in 1980s apartheid-era South Africa. MORE >>

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Why Deny Film to People in Prisons?

posted May 1, 2015

A fledgling archivist tackles a contentious issue: People who are incarcerated have access to books, so why shouldn't they also have meaningful access to moving-image media? MORE >>

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J. Fred MacDonald

posted April 22, 2015

One of the true originals of moving-image archiving, J. Fred MacDonald, has died. A longtime professor of history at Northeastern Illinois University until his retirement, he amassed one of the world’s largest personal collections of films of celebrated variety. MORE >>