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African American Home Movies: Are They Out There? Can You Help Locate Them?

posted December 2, 2014

Jasmyn R. Castro, a moving-image archivist in training, is testing the notion that African American home movies are rare because they have rarely been made. MORE >>

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Time to Start Fixing India’s Tattered Film Heritage

posted November 18, 2014

India’s cinematic heritage is vast, varied, and in dire need of better care — some film makers and supporters are taking the first steps to remedying a huge problem. They have drawn support and assistance from some of the world's most capable archivists to offer a crash course in best practices. MORE >>

Nnedless to say this won't play properly any more. Delamination and plasticizer exudation do their nastiest.

Do You Have Archival War Stories to Tell

posted November 7, 2014

Do you have War Stories from the Moving Image Archives Trade that you'd like to share? MORE >>


In NY, Showing Orphan Indies; in the UK, Easing Access to them, Protecting Possible Holders of Copyrights, and Busting Crooks Who Breach Them

posted November 1, 2014

Orphan films find friends in New York, while the British government seeks to help anyone who would like to make use of abandoned films without fear of being pursued for copyright breach, while it also cracks the whip on criminals who flaunt copyright law, to their own devious ends. MORE >>

Thanhouser Studio doco

Google Up, for a Free Online Symposium

posted November 1, 2014

For insights into the core considerations and possibilities for the preservation and restoration of moving-image media, you can tune in online to a free symposium of restoration and archiving experts on Sunday 2 November 2014 at 3pm US West Coast Time (GST-7hr) MORE >>


A Funny Thing About Home Movies…

posted October 17, 2014

Saturday 18 October 2014 is Home Movie Day. Events will take place in many cities in many countries around the world. Free for anyone to take part in, the events provide opportunities to see and share home movies with community audiences. Moving-image archivists and other enthusiasts organize the events, and provide information about how to care for home movies. MORE >>

NCStateFair_A&B_pic06 copy

At the Fair with Bob Hope; on the Hustings with Robert W. Scott

posted September 21, 2014

Thanks to a grant from the National Film Preservation Foundation, State Archives of North Carolina will ensure the longevity of films of two far-away phenomena, drawn from a collection that Century Film Productions, a Raleigh-based company, donated to the Archives in 1986. MORE >>

Images: Film-Maker's Cooperative

For-Real Bogus Boxing Saved from the Trash

posted September 17, 2014

Film-Makers' Cooperative, of New York, will use a National Film Preservation Foundation grant to care for esteemed rock critic Richard Meltzer's idiosyncratic 1969 film about "Bogus Boxing Trash." MORE >>


From Coitus Interruptus to Guaranteed-to-Last

posted September 11, 2014

Curt McDowell's "Sparkle's Tavern," a landmark of art porn, will tinkle on, thanks to a grant to the University of California-Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive from the National Film Preservation Foundation MORE >>


Robert Green’s Mardi Gras Balls of the 1950s

posted September 8, 2014

Two rare films of African American Carnival Balls in mid-1950s New Orleans will survive with the aid of a federal grant MORE >>