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From Coitus Interruptus to Guaranteed-to-Last

posted September 11, 2014

Curt McDowell's "Sparkle's Tavern," a landmark of art porn, will tinkle on, thanks to a grant to the University of California-Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive from the National Film Preservation Foundation MORE >>


Robert Green’s Mardi Gras Balls of the 1950s

posted September 8, 2014

Two rare films of African American Carnival Balls in mid-1950s New Orleans will survive with the aid of a federal grant MORE >>

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Wunderkino 4: Visions of House and Home

posted August 5, 2014

Make a note to yourself, now: Next year, get to Bucksport, Maine, for Wunderkino. The wonders on offer at the events this year included historic film from law-enforcement training, amateur “home movies,” and Egyptian archaeological digs. MORE >>

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Belleville, Looking Like a Great Place to Live

posted July 25, 2014

Belleville, New Jersey's library will use a grant from the Library of Congress-funded National Film Preservation Foundation to preserve a film homage to the town. MORE >>


Preserving the Colors of Yellowstone

posted July 24, 2014

A Kodacolor film, the first color footage of Yellowstone National Park, will survive thanks to a grant from the National Film Preservation Foundation. They don't make film like Kodacolor, any more. MORE >>

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Federal Funds Will Save 65 Films from Deterioration

posted July 24, 2014

The National Film Preservation Foundation has provided grants to 35 institutions in 22 U.S. states to preserve 65 films. The support is part of the federal appointed agency's annual cycle of support for films deemed historically important. MORE >>

Frank I. Reed and one pole of an Anchorage Light and Power transmission line completed in 1928.

The Man Who Filmed Early Anchorage

posted July 24, 2014

Little motion-picture documentation exists of life in pre-WWII Anchorage, Alaska, and far less from before 1930. The National Film Preservation Foundation has awarded a grant to Alaska Moving Image Preservation Association to look after some of the footage that has survived. MORE >>


Coming to a Website Near You: Tornadic Vortex Signature

posted July 24, 2014

Thanks to a grant from the National Film Preservation Foundation, the National Severe Storms Laboratory will preserve footage of the 1973 Union City, Oklahoma Tornado that helped scientists improve the ability to forecast tornado activity MORE >>


Robert Flaherty’s Irish Talkie Restored

posted July 7, 2014

Long thought lost, "Oidhche Sheanchais" (“A Night of Storytelling”), a 1935 work by Robert Flaherty that was the first “talkie” in irish Gaelic, and was made during the production of Flaherty's much better-known classic, "Man of Aran," has been restored and screened. MORE >>

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Watching the Beat Cops, at Wunderkino 2014

posted July 2, 2014

For the sake of house and home, “I Might Recommend Installing A Peephole.” At Wunderkino 2014 in Bucksport, Maine, Travis Wagner will talk about a set of police training films, and why some are more faded than others. MORE >>