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Reopening the Eyes of the Totem

posted June 30, 2015

Tacoma, a port city in the Northwest of the United States, has not been well for its contributions to movie making, but a rediscovered 1927 silent by the later maker of "The Thin Man" series and other films shows that it deserves a place.

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Keeping Frank and Caroline Mouris Animated

posted June 25, 2015

Three films that animator Frank Mouris prepared while a graduate student at Yale University’s School of Art and Architecture, and that are now in the possession of Yale’s Film Study Center, have just been guaranteed preservation through a grant from the National Film Preservation Foundation.

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More on Shirley Clarke’s Ornette

posted June 15, 2015

More on Shirley Clarke's hommage to the recently deceased music great, "Ornette: Portrait of America."

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Shirley Clarke’s Ornette – Redux

posted June 12, 2015

Sage counsel for anyone who wants to remember the sadly now-late giant of American music, Ornette Coleman, who died yesterday.

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Fifty-Seven Films Guaranteed Survival

posted June 4, 2015

The National Film Preservation Foundation has announced awards to 57 films. The grants guarantee that the 32 institutions in 21 states that hold the films will be able to repair and preserve them through the creation of new negatives, film prints, and digital access copies.

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