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Calls for Proposals: Bastard Films & Comparative Literature

posted October 30, 2012

This detail from an illustration on the Bastard Films website provides a sense of the spirit of its gathering.

Going beyond the concept of the "orphan film" – films orphaned by their creators or caretakers – the Bastard Film Encounter will focus on films that are bastards: ill-conceived or received; embarrassing or beyond the bounds of acceptability; poor in conception or execution; undesirable to those who should be caring for them; and proof of something that should have never happened.

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Preserving the Interactive Telecommunications Program

posted October 20, 2012

Matthew Epler and colleagues were tasked with development ways to archive a large body of audiovisual and other material. Here is what he and Kate Watson said about the challenge in a presentation at IMAP’s Archiving the Arts: A symposium addressing preservation in the creative process approaches that took place on Saturday, 13 October 2012

Matthew Epler and Kate Watson were among presenters at Archiving the Arts: A symposium, a recent day-long event organized by Independent Media Arts Preservation, a New York-based service, education, and advocacy nonprofit organization that assists caretakers of collections of non-commercial electronic media. (See, an interview with IMAP director Jeff Martin.) Here is Epler and Watson’s

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Preserving “Time-Based Art” – An interview with Jeff Martin, IMAP

posted October 11, 2012

Jeff Martin at the Hirschhorn Symposium: Collaborations in Conserving Time-Based Art

Jeff Martin, the executive director of Independent Media Arts Preservation, is a respected authority on a challenging undertaking: to preserve the fast-evolving works known by such titles – never quite inclusive enough – as “time-based art.” Moving Image Archive News interviewed him as IMAP’s Archiving the Arts: A symposium addressing preservation in the creative process

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NFPF Preservation Grantee: George Eastman House

posted October 10, 2012


The George Eastman House has won a 2012 Basic Preservation Grant from the National Film Preservation Foundation to restore and publicly present Hollywouldn’t, a 1925 film by Lou Carter. The short film, originally released by Trem Carr Productions, is a free-wheeling satire on the Hollywood industry at the height of the silent era, the Eastman

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NFPF Grant Winner: The Exploratorium

posted October 2, 2012


The Exploratorium, a San Francisco institution that explores the intersections of art, science, and human perception, and helps users to take a curious, playful approach to doing the same, will use a grant from the National Film Preservation Foundation to conserve Jon Boorstin’s Exploratorium, a documentary short filmed in 1974 that portrays the renowned Bay

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