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Video of the Day: Films from the Home Front

posted April 18, 2013


With an image of a nurse caring for a man swaddled in bandages, voiceover says: “These boys must live for a long time among us, sometimes for years.” The patient is a soldier. After initial stabilization, the voice-over relates, “one of the wounded, a flier pulled from a crashed fighter plane, moves into a general

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Rediscovering Films, The Film Foundation, and Martin Scorsese

posted April 2, 2013

Still from "The Red Shoes."

“A barn. A warehouse. A closet at a mental institution. These locations have something in common: They all contained films or parts of films that were missing and presumed lost forever.” In the March/April issue of Humanities: The Magazine of the National Endowment for the Humanities, Marilyn Ferdinand, who blogs at Ferdy on Films (

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