Interviews with Moving Image Archivists

Here are two more of a series of interviews with moving image archivists and people working in related fields that we’ll be posting over the next couple of weeks.

A while ago, we asked some folks in the moving image archiving world what they do in their jobs, how they got involved in the field, and the like.

Hopefully these clips will help inform people interested in working in the field, or who already do and wouldn’t mind finding out about their peers.

Rob Byrne, president of the board of directors of the San Francisco Silent Film Festival, talks about becoming a moving image archivist:

Dino Everett, archivist at the University of Southern California Hugh M. Hefner Moving Image Archive, discusses his career in moving image archiving:

Melissa Dollman, audiovisual archivist, Schlesinger Library, Harvard University, describes her favorite collections there:

More interviews, coming soon.



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