Films University Students Don’t Know About

In The Chronicle of Higher Education, Gina Barreca, a professor of English and feminist theory at the University of Connecticut, remarks that although an extraordinary proportion of American college students are aspiring screen writers, their film literacy is, well, limited. She lists 40 movies that few if any of her students would seem to have seen. They include golden oldies like Casablanca, The Seventh Seal, and My Fair Lady (seriously?), as well as more recent classics – Rosemary’s Baby, The Deer Hunter, All the President’s Men, and even, improbably, Animal House. Barreca includes some that she allows might not be pearls, but are at least “what I once considered common currency” – she must mean the pitiable Harold and Maude and the highly suspect Thelma and Louise (an argument for another day).

Barreca asks her readers – academics and academic administrators – “What about your tribe?”

Well, what about yours? What do young-adult film buffs not know about, in your neck of the globe?

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