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The Last Insider of Silent Hollywood

posted January 16, 2012

Frederica Sagor Maas told all in her 1999 memoir.
Naked-starlet chases, stolen story ideas and scripts, sex as humdrum as cleaning your teeth.

Frederica Sagor Maas is dead at 111, but not before telling all about silent-era Hollywood.

The prolific screenwriter first trained to be a doctor, and then a journalist, and after quitting Hollywood in disgust said she would have preferred to be a washer woman.

The movies? Maas gave up on them, too, saying in 1999: “The product they’re making today is even worse than the product we made in the early days.”

The New York Times reports.

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  • Walter connolly says:

    My father was a silent film actor at the same as Maas…His name is THomas J. Connolly…Got to Hollywood in 1923…He was an actor, stuntsman, and a grip for 50 years…Peter can you find anything about him…I will send you stills wand other info…Walter Connolly

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