Best Video-Collection-Goes-Sicily Story

posted September 20, 2012

A cautionary tale, and a weird one: “The best video collection in New York was shipped to a Sicilian town with a promise that it would be kept accessible to cinephiles. Here’s what really happened to it.”

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Tour LA’s Huge Pickford Archive

posted September 18, 2012

Want to take a tour of the vaults of the Pickford Center for Motion Picture Study, the largest independent film archive in Los Angeles – one large enough to house 250 million tons of film? You can, at least, follow along on Flicker Alley’s, in a post on its website. Clearly a phenomenal place.

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Norman Mailer, Auteur

posted September 7, 2012

In a Criterion Collection essay, Michael Chaikin considers the films of Norman Mailer.

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New Award to Honor a Valued Archivist

posted September 7, 2012

The Association of Moving Image Archivists has established a new award, named for one of its stalwarts.

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Only All-Native American Silent Rediscovered

posted August 29, 2012

The Daughter of Dawn, perhaps the only all-Native American cast silent film ever made, has been rediscovered in "shambles" a century after it was made, restored, and now re-presented.

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The Reel Thing XXIX

posted August 16, 2012

23-25 August 2012 Los Angeles Registration is still open, but space is limited, for The Reel Thing, one of the premier gatherings devoted to presenting the latest technologies in audiovisual restoration and preservation. It brings together laboratory technicians, archivists, new-media technologists, and preservationists. But the event has much to offer interested amateurs, too. Organized by

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A Film Trove in Jordan

posted August 14, 2012

An American multimedia artist is heading a project to document and preserve a trove of feature and documentary films unearthed in a market garage in Jordan.

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Lan P. Duong on Vietnamese Cinema Archives

posted July 16, 2012

In the Feature Articles pages, there’s a new item by Lan P. Duong, the author of Treacherous Subjects: Gender, Culture, and Trans-Vietnamese Feminism, issued in April by Temple University Press, about the challenges and pleasures of doing research about the history of Vietnamese cinema.

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New from the BFI

posted July 2, 2012

At the BFI National Archive, a routine search for footage has uncovered an all-but-forgotten 1924 film that featured two of Britain’s most famous Olympic athletes, Harold Abrahams and Eric Liddell, whose lives served as the basis of the Hugh Hudson’s Oscar-winning 1981 film Chariots of Fire.

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J-Film Goes Global

posted June 18, 2012

Anime, J-horror, and Japanese personal documentary and "ethnic cinema" have gone global, and that's in good part due to the advent of digital technology.

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