Keeping Frank and Caroline Mouris Animated

posted June 25, 2015

Cover-Image-Frank-Film-730x410 copy

Three films that animator Frank Mouris prepared while a graduate student at Yale University’s School of Art and Architecture, and that are now in the possession of Yale’s Film Study Center, have just been guaranteed preservation through a grant from the National Film Preservation Foundation.

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J. Fred MacDonald

posted April 22, 2015

J Fred MacDonald Groundswell Films copy

One of the true originals of moving-image archiving, J. Fred MacDonald, has died. A longtime professor of history at Northeastern Illinois University until his retirement, he amassed one of the world’s largest personal collections of films of celebrated variety.

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“Men and Dust”: Breath That Kills

posted January 16, 2014


Miners have been dying from varieties of pneumoconiosis since they have been shuttled via mine elevators to toil in shafts thick with dust that, once it sufficiently scars the lungs, suffocates its victims. In 1940, Sheldon Dick bore witness to the plague in his "Men and Dust."

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All the News That’s Fit to Archive

posted September 21, 2012


The New York Times published an article on 18 September 2012 about Brewster Kahle and the Internet Archive’s latest accomplishment: The archive’s online collection now includes the total news production footage of 20 channels over the last three years. That’s more than 1,000 news series and 350,000 separate programs.

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Tour LA’s Huge Pickford Archive

posted September 18, 2012


Want to take a tour of the vaults of the Pickford Center for Motion Picture Study, the largest independent film archive in Los Angeles – one large enough to house 250 million tons of film? You can, at least, follow along on Flicker Alley’s, in a post on its website. Clearly a phenomenal place.

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