Workshop: Describing Moving Images

Tuesday, September 27 2011

Simmons Graduate School, Boston

For special collections, historical society and archives managers and staff, lone arrangers, LIS students. Full-day workshop with hands-on introduction to content standard and data structure selection for moving images (film and video). Focuses include: PBCore and its use in conjunction with DACS; demonstrations of PBCore’s value in describing intellectual content, rights, and technical metadata; discussion of “More Product, Less Process” decisionmaking for under-resourced AV collections; implementation of DACS/EAD and PBCore through an open-source collection management system.

The workshop will take place at Simmons Graduate School of Library and Information Sciences Tech Lab, Boston. More info is online.

Presented as part of Northeast Historic Film’s project, Moving Images 1938-1940: Amateur Filmmakers Record the New York World’s Fair and Its Period.

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