Wonderful Alices, Throughout the Land

Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland has been memorably adapted numerous times, as early as 1903 by Cecil Hepworth and Percy Stow (left).

Throughout April, The Cinefamily, a hearth-warming, Los Angeles familiarizer of film, is presenting versions of the not-just-for-children classic. The selections are excerpted on the organization’s website.

Included in the series are:

Black Moon, Louis Malle’s 1973 “trippy” Alice:

Jan Svankmajer‚Äôs 1988 live-action/animation masterpiece of fur, bones, clicks, creaks, and squeaks Alice, “the most gloriously macabre Alice adaptation ever filmed”:

The 1933 Alice in Wonderful that featured W.C. Fields as Humpty Dumpty:

A 1966 version directed by Jonathan Miller, with Anne-Marie Mallik as Alice, and a slew of well-known players in supporting roles, including John Gielgud, Wilfrid Brambell, Peter Cook, Michael Redgrave, Leo McKern, and Peter Sellers, and with music by Ravi Shankar:

You’d think that some weirdo would have made a porn version of the story, by now. Ah, such a version does exist. It’s the 1976 Alice in Wonderland from Bill Osco and the makers of the softcore hit Flesh Gordon, and The Cinefamily is showing it, too.

Didn’t her mother warn her against drinking unidentified substances from found bottles?

Anne-Marie Mallik proceeds to "drink me" in Jonathan Miller's version of 1966.
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