Video-Art Workshop in NY

FAIC and the AIC Electronic Media Group will hold a two-day workshop, “TechFocus I: Caring for Video Art,” September 1-2 at the Guggenheim Museum in New York, in conjunction with the exhibition, “Haunted – Contemporary Video, Photography and Performance.”  The workshop, the first in a series of four on the preservation and presentation of electronic art, is designed to acquaint participants with both analog and digital video art as well as the technical and aesthetic impact of digitization, compression, and format migration. A comparative “school of seeing” will be offered to sensitize the participant’s eye to image structure and quality. Sessions will focus on the varieties of display modes of video art in an exhibition context and demonstrate the impact of equipment selection on the integrity of the artwork. Curators, conservators, and technicians will provide insight into their decision-making processes and discuss their perspectives on the preservation of video art installations. Confirmed speakers are John Hanhardt, Chrissie Iles, Jennifer Blessing, Joanna Phillips, Steven Dye, Heather Weaver, Maurice Schechter, Mona Jimenez, Howard Besser, Chris Lacinek and Agathe Jarczyk.

For more program details and registration and the program schedule.

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