Portraits of San Francisco Movie Theatres

From the Rediscovered in Old Email File comes word of this outstanding book from way back in October 2010: Rebecca McBride’s Left in the Dark: Portraits of San Francisco Movie Theatres (Charta Books) features 59 photographs and 11 essays by curators and writers, including Gary Meyer, a programmer for the Telluride Film Festival and owner of the Balboa Theater; Eddie Muller, crime fiction author and head of the Film Noir Foundation; Chi-hui Yang, 12 years as festival director of the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival; Rebecca Solnit, celebrated art historian whose River of Shadows cast new light on the photographs of Eadweard Muybridge and the history of California; and several others.

See our earlier coverage of the Cinema Treasures website, “your guide to over 30,000 movie theaters from around the world.”

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