Jim Henson Media Library Seeks Intern

The Jim Henson Company media library, located in Hollywood, is looking for a media-library intern for next semester. The intern will work with the company’s video, audio, and photographic collections in an unpaid position, and the position is dependent on the applicant qualifying for college credit from a college or university in the US.

The Henson media library includes about 50,000 items in many kinds of media (although mostly in tv/video formats) and covers more than 50 years of entertainment history. It is currently working on a major re-cataloging project. The company as some film assets but does not conserve, preserve, or restore them in-house.

Details at www.henson.com/company/internships_faq.html; resum├ęs and cover letters via email to Carla DellaVedova, cdellavedova@henson.com

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