Home Movie Day 2011 – Around the World!

This year’s ninth annual Home Movie Day is Saturday October 15, 2011. The event provides participants with opportunities to see and share home movies with an audience of their community, and to see their neighbors’ films, in turn. Events in cities and towns around the world, organized by moving-image archivists and other enthusiasts, provide opportunities to learn how to care for home movies.

Information about the event and locations is online. The organizers say: If one isn’t happening near you, consider hosting one. To find out how, visit the HMD Get Involved website.

Most events involve viewing of films brought along by attendees, but at a few special events institutions hold screenings of films from national and regional archives. For example, the Cambridge Central Library in England is holding an event in collaboration with a BBC festival, “Reel History of Britain, our past through film,” while in Amsterdam, EYE, the Dutch national archive, will for this year only present historic home movies from its collection alongside outstanding films from previous Home Movie Days.

A still from "Our Day." Courtesy Center for Home Movies
In the United States, the Pacific Film Archive in Berkeley will hold a screening of the Center for Home Movies’ “Amateur Night: Home Movies from American Film Archives.” In Los Angeles, the Academy Film Archive will present the same “Amateur Night,” and also will hold its third biennial installment of choice home-movie footage from Hollywood’s Golden Age. The 16mm home-movie craze, explain the organizers, extended to Hollywood film professionals, including stars and directors who captured not only their families and friends, but behind-the-scenes activities on film sets. Amateur Night‘s organizers call it a compilation of 16 home movies and amateur films culled from the collections of film archives that provides a “journey into the eclectic past of home-based filmmaking” and is “likely the first feature-length film made up entirely of unedited amateur films, foregrounding them not as illustrative footage, but as complete works to be viewed on their own terms.” A trailer provides a taste of that:

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