Hidden Cinema of the Southwest and Mexico

Just a reminder that next week in Tucson, whose average daytime temperature in February is 71F, the Hidden Cinema of the Southwest and Mexico symposium will take place. The symposium is a one-day event, but between two nights of film screenings, February 25-26 2011.

The symposium focuses on how and why amateur, industrial, educational, and independent filmmakers have represented the American Southwest and Mexico. Organizers say their goal is to cultivate a broader understanding of those regions’ cinematic past by showcasing and analyzing the ways the region has been imagined in “hidden” and lesser-known films produced by non-Hollywood and amateur filmmakers during the last century.

The Poetry Center and the Center for Creative Photography at the University of Arizona in Tucson is hosting the event, which is a collaboration between the University of Arizona and Northern Arizona University. For more details, including program, registration, and locations, see the event’s website.

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