European TV Memories


Journal of European Television History and Culture

‘European TV Memories’

Deadline: September 6 2012

The Journal of European Television History and Culture welcomes paper proposals for its third issue dedicated to “European TV Memories” and guest-edited by Jérôme Bourdon (Tel Aviv University) and Berber Hagedoorn (Utrecht University).

The journal is the first peer-reviewed multi-media e-journal in the field of television studies. Offering an international platform for outstanding academic research on television, the journal has an interdisciplinary profile and acts both as a platform for critical reflection on the cultural, social and political role of television in Europe’s past and present as well as a multi-media platform for the circulation and use of digitized audiovisual material.

The journal’s is a showcase for creative and innovative use of digitized television material in scholarly work, and to inspire a fruitful discussion between audiovisual heritage institutions (especially television archives) and a broader community of television experts and amateurs.

The theme of third issue of the journal, due for publication in April 2013, is European TV Memories. The editors welcome two kinds of contributions: scholarly articles (historical, sociological or anthropological with a European focus) of 4,000 words; and discoveries: journalistic essays (2,500 words) which include audiovisual sources as a central component and reflect on the practical challenges of doing television research in an archival or academic environment (e.g. case studies, new collections, news from archives, audio/video interviews).

Paper proposals (500 words) are due on September 6 2012. Send submissions to the managing editor, Dana Mustata ( Articles (2-4,000 words) will be due December 15 2012. See the journal’s Author Guidelines. For information, contact Jérôme Bourdon and Berber Hagedoorn.

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