Archival Video of the Day

Source: Texas Archive of the Moving Image

Donor: Texas Department of Public Safety Historical Museum and Research Center

Filmed in Hays County and San Marcos, c. 1950. Duration: 18’10”

The Texas Department of Public Safety knows how to nail its man.

12 key moments, insights, questions, and concerns:

i) Shouldn’t they bag that hammer?

ii) The nice man says: “Are you that cold-blooded? Are you that cruel? No, I don’t think you are.”

iii) “Most criminals know the marvels of modern law enforcement and they know the effects of a carefully prepared alibi. They won’t talk, but their emotions will.”

iv) Probably shouldn’t say: “I didn’t pull no ten. I only pulled… I only pulled six jobs in your town.”

v) “The best thing you can do is…get your bidnes all straightened out at one time. You might get your sentences to run concurrently.”

vi) The interrogating officer may play on your sympathy.

v) “Sometimes it takes a combination approach to draw a confession. Sometimes you must reverse all your tactics.”

vii) Watch out if the investigator says: “That woman took advantage of you, we know she did. We don’t believe you did all those things she said you did.”

viii) The cop probably means it if he says “Look, pretty boy, you’re just a disgrace to your family.”

ix) “It takes many types of persons to make a world.”

x) “You got more trouble now than you know what to do with. You keep poppin’ that officer like that, and he’ll flip you before you know what happened to you.”

xi) “The cue for the breaking time may be when he asks for a cigarette. If your suspect seems to be at the breaking point, gather all the wits within you and be relentless in your approach.”

xii) If that suspect at 12:40 was a convict offered time off for helping out with the film, did he get an extra 12 months, instead, for the acting job?

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