AMIA 20th Anniversary Edition of The Moving Image

Marsha and Devin Orgeron, editors of The Moving Image: The Journal of the Association of Moving Image Archivists, have gathered input for an expanded Forum section of the publication (issue 11.1 of early 2011) which will commemorate AMIA’s 20th anniversary.

The tentative lineup for the issue, which will be the first issue of 2011, includes contributions from Wendy Shay, Greg Lukow, Bill Murphy, Chris Horak, Giovanna Fossati, Katie Trainor, Lisa Carter, Karen Cariani, Ray Edmonson, Sam Kulay, Robert Dirig, Kelle Anzalone, and Robbins Barstow. “So, quite a line-up!” as co-editor Marsha Orgeron says.

Essays will cover such topics as the institutional history of AMIA, AMIA’s role in shaping the film archival field, a history of archival screening nights, AMIA’s role in the local television project and publication, AMIA’s international history, and its scholarship programs.

More immediately, the journal’s first issue of 2010 will soon appear, and will emphasize itinerant filmmaking. It will include articles on the history, practices, and challenges of itinerant filmmaking. Contributors include Caroline Frick, Vanessa Toulmin, Martin Johnson, Karan Sheldon, Margie Compton, Dwight Swanson, Albert Steg, Louisa Trott and Bradley Reeves, and Nathan Wagoner. In addition, Caroline Frick ambitiously attempts a filmography.

Says Orgeron, an associate professor of film studies at North Carolina State University: “This is a particularly exciting issue for us as it really tackles a subject that is of film historical interest in a fashion that directly connects film history to the archives, while also giving archivists a forum to debate how best to handle itinerant materials.”

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