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How to Break into Movies — in 1907

posted April 12, 2016

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With a long-ago birthday present from his grandmother, Darren Nemeth, a Michigan early-film enthusiast, has been able to publish a refurbished edition of a 1907 catalog that told traveling film exhibitors everything they needed to know if they were to succeed in the burgeoning business.

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Reproducing Film Colors, and Their Significances

posted March 17, 2016


Barbara Flueckiger is figuring out how best to determine the colors that films have had, throughout cinema history. She is developing means to replicate the colors in digital restorations. Her huge challenge: to understand not only the properties of film colors, but also their origin in cultural tastes for particular color palettes. Her work is shading film interpretation and film history.

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Cinema from the Sun

posted March 17, 2014

The South Wales-based but eminently mobile Sol Cinema lays claim to the title “the world’s smallest solar movie theatre.” Its operators built it in 2009 from an abandoned trailer home that they found derelict in a field, bought for £50, gutted, and installed with the best theatre fittings that having little money afforded.

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Explaining the Digital Dilemma

posted September 20, 2012


Reducing to digital form everything written and published, and even said and thought, is surely going to produce as many cloud-stored ones and zeroes as there are grains of sand (ballpark estimate, only). For the rest of us, an essential aid in the monumental change in human affairs represented by gazillion-byte digitization will be generous

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