Wunderkino Weekend

Museum Wormianum (Leiden, 1655)



Northeast Historic Film

Thursday, July 26 2012 – Saturday, July 28 2012

Bucksport, Maine, USA

What would you put in your wunderkino? A “wonder-cinema” is a collection of moving images that project its maker’s curiosities and personality, as a holiday album of photos and mementos may project the diversion, adventures, and even hints of the lurid that do not quite stay in Vegas, or at the beach, or on that cruise through some straits or other.

In the case of Northeast Historic Film’s annual Summer Symposium, the Wunderkino is an annual presentation – heading towards its teenagehood – about the history, theory, and preservation of amateur and non-commercial films that strike NHF curators, members, and conference-goers as in some sense compelling.

In 2011, the NHF Summer Symposium focused on assembling a “cabinet of cinematic curiosities.” (See MIAN’s article, here.) This year, NHF is inviting proposals that feature “amazing and extraordinary studies of amateur and non-theatrical films that offer lessons about culture, heritage, history, geography, performance, and the drama and comedy of social life.”

The organization’s goal is to feature approaches that scholars, artists, filmmakers, and archivists are bringing to the study and use of amateur and non-theatrical film.

The NHF is now calling for proposals that would feature excerpts as part of their presentations. The presentations will be made at the NHF’s 125-seat cinema with 35mm, 16mm, videotape, and DVD projection.

For over a decade, the NHF Summer Symposium has been a multi-disciplinary gathering that brings together archivists, scholars, and artists for three days of viewing and discussing lesser-known, amateur, and found films.

NHF is located in Bucksport, a Maine coastal town of 5,000 people. Presenters typically have 30-45 minutes in which to deliver their paper and engage in discussion with their colleagues. The symposium is open to archivists, artists, and scholars from all disciplines.

To be considered, send 250-500 word abstracts outlining paper ideas and a brief CV to NHF, by email; details online. Call For Papers Or, contact NHF first to discuss presentation ideas in advance of a formal submission. Send proposals and inquiries to: symposium@wunderkino.org

The Symposium Program Committee will begin reviewing proposals on April 11 2012 and will finalize the program by May 11 2012.

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