In these Books pages, you’ll find summaries of new books about moving-image archiving and also about related subjects. So, for example, included are books about particular filmmakers, periods of film, and trends in television programming and viewing. That, plus pretty much anything else we can find that might appeal to moving-image archivists and people whose viewing interests and pleasures resonate with archivists’ work.

The pages are divided into New and Forthcoming Books, Earlier Books, and Journals. The last generally includes descriptions of articles in academic and professional journals; most of the articles described are quite specifically about issues in archiving, itself. That’s to say that the journals pages are more tightly focused on archives and archiving than the new- and forthcoming-books pages.

Because this web site serves archivists and people who are interested in the nature, subject matter, and outcomes of moving-image archiving, we’ve also gathered comments from authors about the kinds of archival work they undertook in preparing their books.

If you know of new or forthcoming books, or journal articles, that should be included in these pages, please let us know at Thanks.


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