Kim Jong-Il, Auteur

posted January 1, 2012

North Korean supremo Kim Jong-Il, whose run has just ended, fancied himself a film visionary. He amassed his country's largest collection of films while driving it into devastating famine and poverty.

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Learning to Preserve Moving Images in Amsterdam

posted December 2, 2011

Caylin Smith, a North American student in the master's program in Preservation and Presentation of the Moving Image at the University of Amsterdam, reports on her experience there.

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The Art of the Film Improviser

posted November 23, 2011

During 25 years of accompanying and composing for silent film and other audio-visual media, Neil Brand has become one of the finest exponents of a century-old art.

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John Carpenter’s First Student Film and 27 Other Projects Win Preservation Awards

posted October 26, 2011

Thanks to the National Film Preservation Foundation – which, by the way, is we, the people – you'll soon be able to see 28 films that have been missing from action.

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New Light Cast on The White Shadow

posted October 11, 2011

"The White Shadow" went missing from screens in the mid-1920s, but now it's back – at least, half of it is. A restoration of the early feature, one of the first film projects featuring Alfred Hitchcock, was a highlight of the just-completed 2011 Pordenone Silent Film Festival. Caylin Smith reports.

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The Gumshoe Was a Lady

posted September 27, 2011

Not all film detectives have been hardboiled men. The woman gumshoe has a history, too. Philippa Gates has canvassed the women of film – and the men – who have broken the cases and put away the crooks.

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Polish Star Rises Again

posted September 7, 2011

Pola Negri's early vehicle, "Mania," Rediscovered and fully restored. She dazzled audiences in her day – even Chaplin and Valentino. Hardly a household name, now, Pola Negri was nonetheless one of the most exotic stars of the silent-film era, famed in the United States and Europe.

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The Audio-Visual Record of a Brutalized Nation

posted August 15, 2011

Rwanda has been far from alone in experiencing the horrors of genocide. Now, efforts are under way to advance a long, painful process of national healing by creating an audio-visual record of those events at the Iriba Center for Multicultural Heritage.

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Paul Rotha’s Missing Legacy

posted July 8, 2011

Even a minute of Paul Rotha’s 1936 documentary, Shipyard, provides proof of the English filmmaker’s extraordinary accomplishment. A conference at the Institute of Communications Studies, University of Leeds, 8-10 September 2011 considers Rotha's legacy.

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A Cinematic Cabinet of Curiosities

posted June 14, 2011

12th Annual Northeast Historic Film Summer Symposium Das Wunderkino: A Cinematic Cabinet of Curiosities Bucksport, Maine, July 28-30 2011 THE CURIOUS WORLD OF DIE WUNDERKAMMER (the “wonder-room” or “miracle chamber”) as Germans termed a collection of objects, specimens, and artifacts that was a precursor of the modern museum, inspires this summer’s Northeast Historic Film’s symposium.

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