Barbies of 1959
Seattle-based Jon Behrens is best known as a veteran maker of experimental films, but he also has long been a film collector, and here is one diverting outcome: Batteries Not Included, his 58-minute collation of kids’ toy ads from the ’50s to the ’70s: a “real electronic missile base,” a robot commander who “takes orders from no-one but you,” the “most authentic cap pistol in the world” with hip-slung holster (“every boy will walk tall”), a witchdoctor headshrinkers’ kit (at 11:45) – “in 24 hours the heads shrink down… shrink em, swap em!” And, forget GI Joe and setting up “exciting battle action whenever you want” when you could get Lionel Aerial Target Cars complete with target balloons held aloft by air-compressor-loaded railroad wagons and missile launchers. “Remember, boy, you’re the boss of the greatest action cars ever created!”

Don’t forget Barbie. “And then it happened. She met Ken!”

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