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Explaining the Digital Dilemma

posted September 20, 2012

Reducing to digital form everything written and published, and even said and thought, is surely going to produce as many cloud-stored ones and zeroes as there are grains of sand (ballpark estimate, only). For the rest of us, an essential aid in the monumental change in human affairs represented by gazillion-byte digitization will be generous

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What is the Artwork?

posted July 26, 2012

Archiving works of multimedia art is a challenge. Caylin Smith tells why, and describes a workshop on creating conservation models for media art with moving images.

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How Nitrate Film Burns: The State of Research

posted March 30, 2011

While archivists know all too well that nitrate film stock can catch fire, “understanding of the relationship between nitrate decomposition and combustibility remains weak.” That’s the thesis that Heather Heckman develops in “Burn After Viewing, or, Fire in the Vaults: Nitrate Decomposition and Combustibility,” an article in the Fall/ Winter issue of The American Archivist

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AMIA Tech Review Review

posted November 4, 2010

OK, this is not a review, but a strong suggestion that you check out the second installment of AMIA Tech Review, an Association of Moving Image Archivists (AMIA) free online publication. Here is some of what’s covered: Tommy, The Who’s rock opera from 1975, was the predecessor to “modern multi-channel stereoscopic experience” and was the

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