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The Fan Edit: What Do You Mean, It’s Not Our Film?

posted November 26, 2018

If you object to the way a director or studio revises a film you particularly like, and the original is not readily available, why not recreate the original and distribute it among fellow enthusiasts? All you need to do is to stitch together the original from available elements, and probably spruice them up digitally into modern, high-tech shape.

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Trailers from Hell

posted January 26, 2017

Filmmaker Joe Dante has drafted friends and colleagues to make shorts about movie trailers. The result is an entertaining and informative website.

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Restoring the One-Eyed with Blinkers On: The Curious Case of Marlon Brando’s Muddled Apprenticepiece

posted August 24, 2016

"One-Eyed Jacks" was the only film Marlon Brando directed, and he made it, in 1961, only because he and a young Stanley Kubrick, its intended director, had so many “creative differences” that Brando decided he would take on the job, himself. Now the film has been lavishly restored, and its oddness can be gauged anew.

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