Cinema from the Sun

posted March 17, 2014

The South Wales-based but eminently mobile Sol Cinema lays claim to the title “the world’s smallest solar movie theatre.” Its operators built it in 2009 from an abandoned trailer home that they found derelict in a field, bought for £50, gutted, and installed with the best theatre fittings that having little money afforded.

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They don’t make ‘em like this…

posted February 3, 2014

marimba queens

Imagine if this had been lost to posterity. They don’t make em like Reg Kehoe and his Marimba Queens, any more. Here they are sometime in the early 1940s on a Soundie in the extraordinary Prelinger Archives (on the Internet Archive @ You can select from three versions there, depending on what you have

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Video of the Day: Archive of American Television

posted March 28, 2013

Andy Griffith in "No Time for Sergeants" in 1955, his first on-screen appearance.

In 1955, in the first on-screen appearance of his memorable career in television comedy, Andy Griffith appeared in a U.S. Steel Hour episode entitled “No Time for Sergeants,” a television version of his first stage success on Broadway, later the same year. Born Andy Samuel Griffith in Mount Airy, North Carolina, in 1926, the fine

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New Books, and Lots of Them

posted November 26, 2012


You'll find descriptions of plenty of new and recent books relating to moving-image archiving on our books pages. You can also read about how authors went about the archival tasks needed to complete some of them.

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Explaining the Digital Dilemma

posted September 20, 2012


Reducing to digital form everything written and published, and even said and thought, is surely going to produce as many cloud-stored ones and zeroes as there are grains of sand (ballpark estimate, only). For the rest of us, an essential aid in the monumental change in human affairs represented by gazillion-byte digitization will be generous

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Indiana University Posts 197 Educational Films

posted July 16, 2012


From a woodchuck in doll clothes to a defense of the Korean War, 197 newly digitized films from the Indiana University Libraries’ educational film collection capture numerous aspects of American life from the 1940s through the 1980s. The Indiana University Libraries Film Archive has digitized 197 educational films produced by the university, and made them

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Hauling Out Chariots of Fire for the Olympics

posted July 2, 2012

Harold Abrahams in the lead in "Running – A Sport That Creates Both Bodily and Mental Health" (1924). Courtesy of BFI National Archive

Seek and ye shall find. Wasn’t it an archivist, who said that? The admonition applied last week at the BFI National Archive. Officials there announced that a routine search for footage had uncovered an all-but-forgotten film Running – A Sport That Creates Both Bodily and Mental Health (1924), which features two of Britain’s most famous

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