More on Shirley Clarke’s Ornette

posted June 15, 2015

More on Shirley Clarke's hommage to the recently deceased music great, "Ornette: Portrait of America."

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Shirley Clarke’s Ornette – Redux

posted June 12, 2015

Sage counsel for anyone who wants to remember the sadly now-late giant of American music, Ornette Coleman, who died yesterday.

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J. Fred MacDonald

posted April 22, 2015

One of the true originals of moving-image archiving, J. Fred MacDonald, has died. A longtime professor of history at Northeastern Illinois University until his retirement, he amassed one of the world’s largest personal collections of films of celebrated variety.

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New in the Public Domain

posted March 25, 2015

The new issue of the always diverting "Public Domain Review" is out, and this month has two moving-image-related items of interest.

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In NY, Showing Orphan Indies; in the UK, Easing Access to them, Protecting Possible Holders of Copyrights, and Busting Crooks Who Breach Them

posted November 1, 2014

Orphan films find friends in New York, while the British government seeks to help anyone who would like to make use of abandoned films without fear of being pursued for copyright breach, while it also cracks the whip on criminals who flaunt copyright law, to their own devious ends.

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Google Up, for a Free Online Symposium

posted November 1, 2014

For insights into the core considerations and possibilities for the preservation and restoration of moving-image media, you can tune in online to a free symposium of restoration and archiving experts on Sunday 2 November 2014 at 3pm US West Coast Time (GST-7hr)

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For-Real Bogus Boxing Saved from the Trash

posted September 17, 2014

Film-Makers' Cooperative, of New York, will use a National Film Preservation Foundation grant to care for esteemed rock critic Richard Meltzer's idiosyncratic 1969 film about "Bogus Boxing Trash."

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The U.S. Library of Congress, from the Inside

posted May 10, 2014

The National Audio-Visual Conservation Center of the U.S. Library of Congress features its a huge collection of moving-image and sound recordings on a new blog, Now See Hear!

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Cinema from the Sun

posted March 17, 2014

The South Wales-based but eminently mobile Sol Cinema lays claim to the title “the world’s smallest solar movie theatre.” Its operators built it in 2009 from an abandoned trailer home that they found derelict in a field, bought for £50, gutted, and installed with the best theatre fittings that having little money afforded.

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They don’t make ’em like this…

posted February 3, 2014

Imagine if this had been lost to posterity. They don’t make em like Reg Kehoe and his Marimba Queens, any more. Here they are sometime in the early 1940s on a Soundie in the extraordinary Prelinger Archives (on the Internet Archive @ You can select from three versions there, depending on what you have

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