posted January 6, 2014

Caylin Smith asks Thomson & Craighead (Jon Thomson and Alison Craighead) about their goals in repurposing "found" online data and video to create artworks for the Digital Age. How are they using online networks and social-information vehicles. And how are they handling the tricky business of preserving "born digital" audio-visual art works?

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More from Wunderkino 2013 – Hunt’n n Fish’n

posted August 19, 2013


Some of the earliest films were of a combative nature – there were boxing films, train-robbery films, and – as one of the most accomplished of early-film historians, Paul Spehr, described at this year’s Wunderkino, a gathering run by Northeast Historic Film in Bucksport, Maine – films pitched at hunters and fishermen.

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Martin Scorsese Delivers Jefferson Lecture – Today

posted March 31, 2013

Martin Scorsese. Image: Brigitte Lacombe

Today, Monday April 1 2013, acclaimed director Martin Scorsese delivers this year’s National Endowment for the Humanities 2013 Jefferson Lecture. And the event will be streamed live and free of charge at 7:30pm, US East Coast time. Viewers can also join the conversation about film and the humanities via Twitter at #JeffLec2013. The Jefferson Lecture

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Preserving “Time-Based Art” – An interview with Jeff Martin, IMAP

posted October 11, 2012

Jeff Martin at the Hirschhorn Symposium: Collaborations in Conserving Time-Based Art

Jeff Martin, the executive director of Independent Media Arts Preservation, is a respected authority on a challenging undertaking: to preserve the fast-evolving works known by such titles – never quite inclusive enough – as “time-based art.” Moving Image Archive News interviewed him as IMAP’s Archiving the Arts: A symposium addressing preservation in the creative process

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